Driver Down

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"Driver Down"
Album: Lost Highway Soundtrack
Length: 5:18
Tempo: 88 BPM
Versions: Driver Down

"Driver Down" is the 22nd song on the Lost Highway soundtrack, clocking in at 5:18. It is one of only a few tracks to ever be credited to Trent Reznor. When asked about this in an interview, Reznor stated it was credited to him because "it was a transition, because members of my band had left."[1]

The track is titled "Driving Theme" in the movie's ending credits, and it features Reznor's first recorded saxophone performance with NIN since "Purest Feeling". This may have been influenced by Reznor's saxophone playing on "Subterraneans" during the Dissonance Tour with David Bowie two years prior.

Song Credits



  • Lost Highway soundtrack


Driver Down

The only available version of the piece, it begins with a percussion loop bearing resemblance to those from "The Becoming" and "The Way Out Is Through" and is joined by layers of other percussion parts. Sludgy distorted guitars soon enter and the song weaves through several waves of rhythm changes and fuzzy guitar loops, eventually fading out and culminating with a repeating piano line and saxophone, which end abruptly.


"Driver Down" has never been played live.

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