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Year Zero heated thermochrome CD


Number: 24.7.1

Background Text: Watchmen by Alan Moore


This was the purpose of the thermocrome material used on the Year Zero CD. After ripping his CD to mp3, an ETS member [1] found that the CD had some binary numbers on it:

0110 010 1011 110
00011 101 00011
00101 0111001 00110110
1011 010 010
010 11 011 0
0 0 01 0 1 1 1 00 110
1 1100 1100 1 01 01
11 0 1
0 0

Which when converted to ascii translates to the URL.


The content of the website centers around the Extrajudiciary Federal Detainment Camp in Guam. The content is supposedly hacked out of an unknown site by the site's author known only as Beth's boyfriend. In it are texts on several subversive "terrorists", among which is a classified Inmate with only exhibitA.wav (which is a recording of Capital G) as evidence against them.


exhibitA.wav was found to be an inverted version of Capital G, and when combined with the original Capital G produced an [audio clip] leading to the Mailstrom wreckage pain.


Exterminal is a database of the inmates in Extrajudiciary Federal Detainment Camp in Guam. Included are many references to the actions various individuals and groups, providing a broader understanding of how people are fighting for their freedoms in Year Zero.


Examining the surveillance recording, the following page is mentioned: http://www.cedocore.com/rswtb/

Individuals and Organizations

The site contains direct references to and "evidence" against the following:

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