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Here is the Frequently Asked Questions. It'll help you out in a lot of yours.

Will The Wiki ever have a "rate limiting" system?

No. ETS uses one to cut down on bad posts, but we will never use a "rate limiter" aka a "flood control".

Will The Wiki always be free?

YES! The Wiki will NEVER be a paid service. Ever.

Will my actions on an external site affect my account on The Wiki?

Generally, no. If you're a moron at Echoing the Sound,, or any other outside site, that does not necessarily mean that you will be one over here. There has only been one instance where someone has been barred from editing the NinWiki due to outside behavior, and it was because he threatened the life of an ETS administrator's family. NIN Wiki takes these sorts of incidents on a case-by-case basis.

I can't log in!

Odds are you've done something that has resulted in you getting your account blocked, either temporarily or permanently. If you feel that the block is unwarranted or unjust, contact an admin on the NIN Wiki IRC channel, or send a private message to an admin at their ETS profile. We will review your appeal and determine if the block should be overturned.

Often, we will block IPs that have been used by spam accounts. If you suspect that the IP was blocked, try logging in on another machine or with a different ISP or router. If that doesn't work, let an admin know via ETS,, or a direct-message on Twitter and we'll try to fix the problem.

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