How Long?

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"How Long?"
Album: Welcome Oblivion
Length: 3:53
Tempo: BPM
Versions: How Long?
Live: Unperformed
Single artwork
"How Long?" is a song by How To Destroy Angels from the album Welcome Oblivion.


"How Long?" was the fourth single from the album, and the first single to have not been on the previous release An Omen EP. It was released on 31st January 2013.


  • Welcome Oblivion


How Long?

This is the only known version.

Music video

The music video was filmed by London-based team Shynola in October 2012, with the post production taking up that winter. It is the first music video not to feature the band members of HTDA. Filmed in Wales, it opens with a young man (Alex Stuart) wearing nothing but a loincloth waking up in a dystopian wasteland. He paints his body with tribal markings and forages for leaves, running and crawling across the bleak landscape. He sees an old man, covered with possessions, and signals down to him from a high cliff. When the old man turns to wave, the young man has vanished and rapidly appears behind him, strangling him to death with a piece of cord. Having taken all the possessions he desires and filled a water bottle, he returns to his home to bring the water to his ill and elderly mother.

The video's production team said
"We had a great conversation where the band articulated their ideas about modern identity, the effect of technology on culture and our inability to connect with others. We're fascinated by anthropology and coincidentally we had been toying with ideas for a feature film about a post-technology civilization, in which humans have reverted to primitive behavior. Sometimes things just fit together."
How to destroy angels added
"Their work is visually striking and consistently stands out. When we started talking about possible directors to work with for 'How long,' their name came up right away. It's been an honor to finally work with them, and to get their wholly unique interpretation of the themes we've been exploring with this record and this song."



   How long?
   Always been here
   It almost seems like yesterday
   Hard to picture
   It's the little things that slip away
   Built with blisters
   But they find a way to take a little bit
   They won't find us
   If you believe in it 
   How long?
   How long can we keep holding on?
   How long?
   How long can we keep holding on?
   A house on fire
   Burning all the past away
   And what defines us, well
   It's the little things that slip away
   And if you're honest
   What do you think would happen if
   We stood for something?
   If you believe in it keep believing it
   Well how long?
   Burn this song away
   How long?
   Burn this song 
   Can we keep holding on
   How long?
   We keep holding on and on
   How long 
   Can we keep, can we keep 
   Can we keep holding on?
   How long?
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