Josh Eustis

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Josh Eustis
Instruments: Unknown
Years: 2013-
Tours: 2013-2014 tour

Josh Eustis (born as Joshua Eustis) is a musician and a member of Telefon Tel Aviv. Telefon Tel Aviv is a New Orleans, Louisiana-derived, Chicago, Illinois-based American electronic music act. Formerly comprising Charles Cooper and Joshua Eustis, Telefon Tel Aviv continues with Eustis as the sole official member since Cooper's death in 2009.

Josh has been confirmed as a touring member of Nine Inch Nails on their 2013-2014 tour.

Body of Work

Telefon Tel Aviv

  • Fahrenheit Fair Enough (2001)
  • Immediate Action #8 EP (2002)
  • Map of What Is Effortless (2004)
  • Remixes Compiled (2007)
  • Immolate Yourself (2009)