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Overview of some of the logos

Nine Inch Nails has had many logos throughout its history, and while the original logo is still considered the band's "main" logo, this is a list of all logos that have been used over the years.


Designed by Gary Talpas, based on Trent Reznor's concept.

On Tour

A stencil variant used to mark touring cabinets and equipment.


Designed by The Designers Republic, used on the Sin single.


Designed by Talpas, used on both Broken and Fixed.

The Downward Spiral

Unused NIN logo art created by Russell Mills for The Downward Spiral, 1994.

Dissonance Tour

Pinwheel logo from the Dissonance Tour.

The Fragile

Original logo partly hidden on The Fragile cover art.

With Teeth

Designed by Rob Sheridan, based on the Talpas original.

Live: With Teeth

Many tour posters had variations on the Sheridan theme, glitch manipulation of the Talpas logo. A full gallery is accessible at Category:Tour Lithos.

Year Zero

Notable logo from the Year Zero ARG.

The Slip

Designed by Sheridan, used only on the album booklet.

Wave Goodbye Tour

Designed by Sheridan, used on a tour poster.

Hesitation Marks

NIN 2014 Japan Tour

Used on a tour poster.

The Trilogy

NIN 2017-2018