Operation Swamp 0000

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http://www.operationswamp0000.net/ This site was found via a billboard underneath a bridge. The location of the bridge was given in an Art Is Resistance flier handed out at the 3/11/2007 show in London. The billboard had Operation Swamp 0000 written on it. A site was found when .net was added to "operationswamp0000"


This site appears to have been constructed by one of the "chip-pullers" mentioned on Operation Chip Sweep. It contains detailed instructions, complete with photographs, on safe removal of a nerochip from one's own body. The anonymous author claims to have been a paramedic or EMT, and insists, "Don't think for yourself, it's not your strong suit. Just do EXACTLY what I fucking tell you."

The interesting thing about this site is that it is quite obviously based in England, revealing that in the world of Year Zero, the shift to totalitarianism previously thought to be occurring only in the United States is apparently spreading elsewhere.

This site also mentions something called Operation Chip Sweep, which led to another website, also apparently based in England.

24.20.1 was also found on this site.


  • Operation Swamp 81 refers an actual plainclothes operation and related riots in Brixton in 1981. Operation Swamp 0000 seems to be named after this historical event.