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Two months before the release of their fifth full-length album, Year Zero, Nine Inch Nails began a new tour, officially called Performance 2007. The tour started as a kind of best-of or hits tour (since no songs from Year Zero were played at the first few days) but later transformed into a direct Year Zero support tour. Opening acts for this tour were The Dandy Warhols, Alec Empire, Intacto, Ladytron, The Lovesong, Noisecut, The PoPo, Serena Maneesh, Theodor Bastard, Unkle and White Rose Movement.


European spring tour

Show in Munich on March 28, 2007.

Prior to the beginning of tour, Reznor in interview described it as an opportunity of playing with the same line-up again, visiting some places NIN had not played in before and revisiting music from all the different areas of NIN rather than focusing on the new album.

Two Year Zero songs made their debut on this leg ("Survivalism" and "The Beginning Of The End"), as well as a few old, never before played live songs: "Last" from Broken, "We're In This Together" from The Fragile and deconstructed version of "The Fragile" from Still. Three songs from The Downward Spiral ("Heresy", "Ruiner", "The Becoming") returned to the setlist for the first time since 1994-95 Self Destruct tour.

The production on this tour was minimal, as it was mostly a club tour. On the other hand, the tour featured the heaviest setlist rotation to this point in NIN history, covering about 40 songs from all NIN albums.

During the Spanish and UK legs at the beginning of this tour, flash drives each containing an intentionally leaked song from Year Zero ("My Violent Heart," "Me, I'm Not" and "In This Twilight") were found in men's bathroom stalls.

Tour Dates

Date/Location Venue
2007/02/10 Lisbon, Portugal Coliseum
2007/02/11 Lisbon, Portugal Coliseum
2007/02/12 Lisbon, Portugal Coliseum
2007/02/14 Madrid, Spain La Riviera
2007/02/15 Madrid, Spain La Riviera
2007/02/16 Bilbao, Spain Pabellon De La Casilla
2007/02/18 Barcelona, Spain Razzmatazz
2007/02/19 Barcelona, Spain Razzmatazz
2007/02/21 Paris, France Olympia
2007/02/22 Paris, France Olympia
2007/02/23 Lille, France Zenith
2007/02/25 Manchester, UK Apollo
2007/02/26 Manchester, UK Apollo
2007/02/28 Glasgow, UK Academy
2007/03/01 Glasgow, UK Academy
2007/03/03 Nottingham, UK Arena
2007/03/04 Birmingham, UK Academy
2007/03/05 Birmingham, UK Academy (POSTPONED TO AUGUST 28, 2007)
2007/03/07 London, UK Brixton Academy
2007/03/08 London, UK Brixton Academy
2007/03/10 London, UK Brixton Academy
2007/03/11 London, UK Brixton Academy
2007/03/12 Wolverhampton, UK Civic Hall (POSTPONED TO AUGUST 30, 2007)
2007/03/14 Cologne, Germany Palladium
2007/03/15 Dortmund, Germany Westfallenhalle2
2007/03/16 Tilburg, Netherlands 013
2007/03/18 Brussels, Belgium Ancienne Belgique
2007/03/19 Brussels, Belgium Ancienne Belgique
2007/03/21 Amsterdam, Netherlands Paradiso
2007/03/22 Amsterdam, Netherlands Paradiso
2007/03/24 Berlin, Germany Columbiahalle
2007/03/25 Berlin, Germany Columbiahalle
2007/03/26 Stuttgart, Germany Porsche Arena
2007/03/28 Munich, Germany Zenith
2007/03/29 Vienna, Austria Gasometer
2007/03/30 Vienna, Austria Gasometer
2007/04/01 Milan, Italy Alcatrazz
2007/04/02 Zurich, Switzerland Volkshaus
2007/04/04 Frankfurt, Germany Jahrhunderthalle
2007/04/06 Copenhagen, Denmark Vega
2007/04/07 Oslo, Norway Sentrum Scene
2007/04/08 Stockholm, Sweden Annexet
2007/04/10 Helsinki, Finland Old Ice Hall

Australia/Japan spring tour

This tour featured the same production as the previous European tour, but was more focused on Year Zero, as it had 5-6 of the album's songs in each show setlist, while the European tour had no more than two. "Hyperpower!", "The Good Soldier", "Me, I'm Not" and "Capital G" made their live debut on this leg.

Tour dates

Date/Location Venue
2007/05/07 Brisbane, Australia Riverstage
2007/05/09 Sydney, Australia Big Top Luna Park
2007/05/10 Sydney, Australia Big Top Luna Park (POSTPONED TO SEPTEMBER 15)
2007/05/11 Sydney, Australia Big Top Luna Park (POSTPONED TO SEPTEMBER 16)
2007/05/13 Melbourne, Australia Metro Nightclub
2007/05/14 Melbourne, Australia Metro Nightclub
2007/05/15 Melbourne, Australia Metro Nightclub
2007/05/18 Tokyo, Japan Studio Coast
2007/05/19 Tokyo, Japan Studio Coast
2007/05/20 Tokyo, Japan Studio Coast
2007/05/22 Nagoya, Japan Zepp
2007/05/23 Osaka, Japan Zepp
2007/05/24 Osaka, Japan Zepp

Summer/fall tour

Show in Moscow on August 1, 2007.

This tour featured one more song from Year Zero ("The Great Destroyer") and more extensive production, which included a traditional for major NIN tours visual section in the middle of show, this time created for "Me, I'm Not", "The Great Destroyer", "Eraser" and "Only".

Tour dates


Date/Location Venue
2007/08/01 Moscow, Russia Luzhniki Arena
2007/08/03 St. Petersburg, Russia Jubileyny Arena
2007/08/05 Helsinki, Finland Ankkarock Festival
2007/08/07 Stockholm, Sweden Hovet
2007/08/08 Oslo, Norway Ova Festival
2007/08/11 Budapest, Hungary Sziget Festival
2007/08/12 Bratislava, Slovakia Incheba Hall
2007/08/13 Prague, Czech Republic Slavia Zimni Sdion
2007/08/15 Avenches, Switzerland Rock Oz’Arènes Festival
2007/08/16 Salzburg, Austria Frequency Festival
2007/08/18 Hasselt, Belgium Pukkelpop Festival
2007/08/19 Biddinghuizen, Netherlands Lowlands Festival
2007/08/21 Edinburgh, UK T on the Fringe—Meadowbank Sports Centre
2007/08/22 Dublin, Ireland Marley Park
2007/08/24 Leeds, UK Leeds Festival
2007/08/26 Reading, UK Reading Festival
2007/08/28 Birmingham, UK Academy (RESCHEDULED FROM MARCH 5)
2007/08/30 Wolverhampton, UK Civic Hall (RESCHEDULED FROM MARCH 12)
2007/09/01 Konstanz, Germany Rock Am See Festival
2007/09/02 Bologna, Italy Independent Day Festival
2007/09/03 Munich, Germany Circus Krone


Date/Location Venue
2007/09/05 Tel Aviv, Israel Fair, Trade & Convention Center
2007/09/09 Beijing, China Beijing Pop Festival
2007/09/11 Seoul, South Korea Olympic Hall
2007/09/13 Hong Kong, China Asia World Expo—Hall 10
2007/09/15 Sydney, Australia Big Top Luna Park (RESCHEDULED FROM MAY 10)
2007/09/16 Sydney, Australia Hordern Pavilion (RESCHEDULED FROM MAY 11)
2007/09/18 Honolulu, HI Blaisdell Arena

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