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| album =''[[Quake|Quake Soundtrack]]''
| album =''[[Quake|Quake Soundtrack]]''
| length =2:26
| length =2:26
| BPM = 84
| versions =Track 2
| versions =Track 2
| live =N/A
| live =N/A

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"Track 2"
Album: Quake Soundtrack
Length: 2:26
Tempo: 84 BPM
Versions: Track 2
Live: N/A

This is the second track on the Quake soundtrack, and is used as an intermission piece in the game. It uses deep, mechanical percussion loops and ambient synthesizers, intermittently joined by distant guitar. The curt, synthesized bassline prominent toward the end of the piece is reminiscent of "A Violet Fluid."

Level name: no specific game area uses it; to hear it player must find exit in any level (usually gate or teleport device) except the Introduction (hall of difficulty and episode selection).

Song Credits

Music: Trent Reznor
Sound: Trent Reznor



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