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===Will The Wiki always be free?===
YES! The Wiki will NEVER be a paid service. Ever.
==I can't edit!==
Halp! I cannot edit!
===Possible Solutions===
*You have not confirmed your email address.
:If you didn't recieve an email from the Wiki within 24 hours, go to your preferences (top right of the screen) and have it send another.
*You have not been registered on the Wiki for 48 hours.
:Only people who have been registered for 48 hours can edit. Just wait.
*You have been banned.
:You did something baaaaaad. You can probably still talk with me on [[User_talk:Tony|my user talk page]] about it, but if you cannot, head into [ the NinWiki IRC channel]. We'll discuss it there.
==I'm in an edit war!==
Edit wars are when one editor says one thing and another editor says another, and they keep editing in what they think rather than weighing in the different sides. This happens a lot at Wikipedia with the [[wp:Israel|Israeli]] and [[wp:Palestine|Palistinian]] articles.
===Possible Solutions===
*Talk it out.
:Use the discussion tabs at the top of the page to talk it out.
*Contact an admin.
:Talk with [[NinWiki:Staff|an admin]].