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ballgameOver.mp3 [ (here)] is one of the three (so far) mp3s linked to on the Another Version of the Truth forums. The mp3 is a recording of a man (presumed to be [ "Angry Sniper"]) giving a lesson on recommended methods and best practices for conducting effective acts of rebellion, whilst simultaneously carrying out such an act. He laments the difficulty of getting a message and news coverage of revolutionary acts out to the people due to tight government restrictions on the media. To work around this, he conducts his operation at Wrigley Field during a live televised baseball game. He explains how he cheaply displayed his written message to the ballgame attendees, and then reveals that he has planted bombs of Silver Nitrate around the stadium and is stationed in a rented apartment across the street from the ballpark. Once his message is seen, he detonates the bombs. In the ensuing chaos, a prominent religious leader steps up to give a speech of promised retribution. Anticipating this, the man uses a sniper rifle to assassinate him on live television.
* [[|Transcript]]
* The end of the recording has another Morse Code message