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Found through spectrograph analysis of [[2432.mp3]] the phone number is apparently a wire-tap recording of a phone call, it also gives the case number [[U.S. Wiretap|71839j]] for use on the [[U.S. Wiretap]] website.

The phone number currently works as of June 10, 2011.

The number's area code and prefix [ trace back] to a number originating from Cleveland, Ohio. When cross referencing the phone company info, it appears that the number belongs to []. provides the multiple lines used for playing back the message. The 216 Area Code (NPA) was split between 216 and 440 in 1997. The 333 prefix (NXX) is specific to Cleveland itself, and is assigned to Ameritech of Ohio as a Residential or Business line.

*'''Automated female voice''': [[U.S. Wiretap]]. Case identifier 7-1-8-3-9-J. File accessed. Begin playback.
(2 1/2 Rings)
*'''Mommy''': Hello?
*'''Mia''': Mommy? Mommy? Mommy, are you there? Oh my god, I'm at the club, you need to get me out of here. I'm going to die, oh my God, I'm going to die.
* (Gunshot and scream)
*'''Mommy''': Mia, what's going on?
*'''Mia''': He killed Joey so I locked myself in the stock room and now I can't get out and everybody's got it.
*'''Mommy''': What is going on?
*'''Mia''': This guy, he came into the club really freaked out. And we, we didn't even see the knife. And his shirt was soaked red. And Joey said "Holy shit, you need a doctor". And then the guy just stabbed him, and he was sweating blood, and screaming, and he wouldn't stop until somebody killed him with a beer bottle.
* (Crash, scream from Mia)
*'''Mommy''': Honey, okay wait. I'm going to call the cops.
*'''Mia''': (Screaming) They're outside, they're outside!
*'''Mia''': Don't, the cops are already here. They're the ones who locked us in.
*'''Mommy''': What?
*'''Mia''': I've gotta fight, I need a weapon...a gun.
*'''Mommy''': You're going to be okay, you're going to make it out of there. I'll be up there in five minutes
*'''Mommy''': Mia, you okay?
* (Breathing)
*'''Mia''': Mommy, you there? Blood...there's blood coming out of my skin...
*'''Mommy''': Mia, listen. You need to listen.
*'''Mia''': Mommy, I need you to take care of my dog. Okay, the food..
* (Screaming)
*'''Mommy''': Mia! Mia, what's going on?!
*'''Mia''': Get me the hell out of here.
*'''Mommy''': Tell me what's going on.
*'''Mia''': Oh my God, please. Help me, please, God.
*'''Mommy''': Mia!! Mia!!!!

*(Re-order tone and hangup)

(NOTE: There appears to be another Morse code signal here between the hangup and the automated voice saying "Goodbye." However it is difficult to make out using the file below due to the low 8KHz sampling rate. It's speculated that the number is 24.3.1.)

*'''Automated female voice''': Goodbye.

== Audio ==
The Audio Put to Video on Youtube.

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