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[[Image:Lights In The Sky poster.jpg|thumb|290px|Tour poster]]
On March 27, 2008, after much speculation, [[Nine Inch Nails]] announced a series of North American tour dates. A statement from [[Trent Reznor]] accompanied the announcement:
:<blockquote>Lots going on in the world of nine inch nails...:<br>Confirming a very poorly kept secret, the band has been reformed (details coming!) and we are about to embark on an extensive tour. The first wave of dates I can mention at this time appear below. Many more to come!:<br>See you soon."</blockquote>
On April 4, 2008, the newest line-up was listed on their official Youtube page, with [[Rich Fownes]] listed. On June 5th, 2008, [[]] was updated with the updated band members, and a [[Lights in the sky (halo)|promotional release]] and note about the tour:
:<blockquote>"I am proud to announce the final personnel lineup of nine inch nails for the foreseeable future. We've added, we've subtracted and we've wound up with unquestionably the strongest lineup I've EVER had. Joining me onstage will be Robin Finck, Alessandro Cortini, Josh Freese and Justin Meldal-JohnsonJohnsen.:<br><br>We've been working on something really special for these shows and so far I couldn't be happier with the results. We'll be revealing some live performances shortly here on - in the meantime, we've posted some photos from rehearsals up on Flickr here.: <br><br>:Meanwhile, I assume some of you may not be entirely familiar with the acts I've chosen to join us on various legs of this tour, so we've compiled a sampler EP for you. [ CLICK HERE] to download this for free. If you like what you hear, be sure to show up early to the show (and please remember to support them by purchasing their music, if so inclined).:<br><br>:Best,:TR"</blockquote>
On November 20, 2008, a [ trailer] for the tour was posted on
During the Las Vegas show on December 13, 2008, Reznor announced [[Alessandro Cortini]], like [[Josh Freese]], would be leaving the line-up at the end of the tour, making the show the last for both Freese and Cortini. Reznor also stated that 2009 would see Nine Inch Nails performing as a four-piece act, opting to not replace Cortini, suggesting the shows would not be of the same aesthetic, visually or musically, during the 2009 dates. The December 17, 2008, blog entry read:
:<blockquote>"The LIGHTS IN THE SKY era has come to a close, and I'd like to once again thank you for your support. I am very proud of what we pulled off - it was an immense amount of work and worth it all.:<br>I'd like to thank Josh and Alessandro for being an integral part of this for the last few years and I wish them all the best.<br><br>:No rest for the wicked here, though. We start rehearsing the new band/format first thing next year and as I mentioned, we'll be announcing some final waves of dates. North America, UK/Europe, Pacific Rim and elsewhere."</blockquote>