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| live=Rehearsed but [[NIN songs never played live|unperformed]]
[[Image:Everything_art.jpg|thumb|175px|Artwork accompanying the MP3 file''Everything'']]'''"Everything"''' is the seventh track on the 2013 release ''[[Hesitation Marks]]''. On August 19, 2013, the track officially premiered via an NPR blog.[] The following day, it was released as a commercial digital single on iTunes and Amazon. A one-track promotional CD acetate was also released. "Everything", along with "[[Satellite]]", was originally written and recorded for a forthcoming greatest hits package for [[Interscope Records]], but instead provided inspiration towards a new album.[]
From an interview with ''The Sun'', [[Trent Reznor]] said the following about the track:
<blockquote>"I was trying to make something that leapt out of the speakers in a very umfamiliar way. At first listen, it might seem to be in praise of life but it's supposed to come off as an arrogant, 'Fuck you. I've survived!' It also gets less triumphant and more reflective and melancholy towards the end."[]</blockquote>
<blockquote>"There were a few moments of this album where I expected eyebrows to raise," Reznor says. "But that actually was not one of them. To me, 'Everything' is a descendant of Fear and Joy Division and New Order. Somehow, that song has become representative of this as my 'happy album,' although I don't hear it as such. It's certainly not meant to make you feel like, 'Look at how great everything is!' But it seems to be the shocking moment of the record. We've not played it onstage, only in rehearsals. It's become an irritant to me."[]</blockquote>
===Song Credits===
*[[Adrian Belew]]: Additional Backing Vocals and Outro Electronics