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===The Wretched (Instrumental)===
'''''Running Time: 6:00'''''
Released exclusively through Apple Music as part of ''The Fragile Instrumental'' and later on ''The Fragile: Deviations 1''. Opening with the acoustic guitar riff featured prominently in the ''Things Falling Apart'' remix, the song proper retains the album arrangement, though its ending is the full version previously heard on the vinyl. The bridge featuring the plucked melody is also extended by one repetition of the distorted guitar phrase.
===The Wretched (Version)===
'''''Running Time: 5:52'''''
This remix starts with a bass drone and rhythmic loops that build to a loud, drum-heavy second verse. It eventually breaks down to acoustic guitar playing the chorus riff and the lyrics "Now you know/This is what it feels like" before building again towards the end, which drops back to the elements used in the intro along with what appears to be a live version of the end of the song from a concert in the distance.