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This remix EP employs some rather unorthodox mixing techniques to give the listener an intentional sense of confusion on initial (and sometimes subsequent) listenings. On the opening "Gave Up" remix, the song picks up with a frantic rhythmic jumbling of Trent's vocals directly referencing the lyrics ("smashed myself to pieces"). This would seem to involve chopping up each syllable of the chorus vocals running forward and reverse (normally as PCM files) and use a sampler to re-sequence them together in manic fashion. Like many avant garde industrial music acts before, this release helped pioneer the notion of the remix as an artform, far removed from just commercial "milking" of an existing product. Remix artist [[John Balance]] (of Coil) expressed his dislike of choruses in the song and decided to take it in another direction.
Outtakes from Coil's "Gave Up" remix sessions were obtained by fans in 2012 and released on the unofficial download-only compilation ''[[Recoiled#Uncoiled|Uncoiled]]'', and one mix was later released semi-officially on ''[[Recoiled]]''.
==Album Credits==