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[[Image:HMstandardjapanese.jpg|thumb|Japanese standard CD artwork]]
[[Image:HMstandardaustralianHesitationmarksimportart.jpg|thumb|International standard CD artwork]]
[[Image:HMaudiophile.jpg|thumb|thumb|Audiophile Mastered Version artwork]]
This album marks a return to the artwork of Russell Mills, whose work was previously used for ''[[March Of The Pigs (halo)|March Of The Pigs]]'', ''The Downward Spiral'', ''[[Further Down The Spiral]]'' and ''[[Closure]]''. There is a different cover for each of the five editions. Reznor stated in a radio interview[] that he couldn't choose between the various covers and decided to use them all. He also stated that Mills had suggested the album title. The typeface used is DINEngschrift in lowercase (the same typeface was used on the previous Russell Mills designs and in all caps on ''[[The Perfect Drug (halo)|The Perfect Drug]]''.)