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Have a look at the "Act's Of Resistance" topic on the another version of the truth site. Above ChicagoAnon's third entry you can start to see a reproduction of the post's date in the backdrop. From that point down I swear I see the reproducted dates reading 02/04/0000 instead of the dates actual post 02/10/0000. The visible times remain the same. I'm not sure if this has been noted already, and if it may just be an error in design. This is also frequent in other topics of the site, aswell as typed over the date on the "cops murder muslim kid" topic in the main forum. Also note in the fractured reproduction of the "Violent Resistance" topic at the base of the main forum also reads 02/04/0000. Does this mean that all posts were done on this date?


You're right. Just below the actual post. 02/04/000 12:32. And just below Chicago's previous post, you can see the numbers 02/04.

And in the very first post on that topic, just above the first line, you can see the numbers 14/0000/06 - whatever that means, if it means anything.


I wonder then if that Slaughterhouse-five novel's time travel theme has something to do with the altered dates. I've never read it myself. Oh yeah and on the main forum the zero in the ten looks more like an O to me, being different to the rest of the zero'sin the date. Anyways... What I'm really trying to do atm is see if i can find the new image components from in any of the other pages. Anyone found them yet?

Please sign your names by using the signature button above the edit text box, or by typing --~~~~. --Tony 19:50, 21 February 2007 (PST)

Site Down

Decided to check back at at aprox. 10:05am today.

The site was down, just black. I even used another compter and connection. I wonder if it's gone for good or if this is only temporary?

Works for me. Pomte 12:03, 23 February 2007 (PST)

Previously Mentioned Lyrics

Well, since the Year Zero leak has surfaced, it's basically been confirmed that the mentioned lyrics in the "End of the World?" forum topic are referring to "Meet Your Master", not "Head Like a Hole". Anyone want to edit this in? I'm not sure if we should keep the HLAH reference or not... -- ThePresence 21:08, 5 April 2007 (PDT)

Site down for a bit today

I was trying to show my one friend this page today and it was down. It happened around 7pm Eastern US time. It is back up now, but seems slightly different. I cannot pin point how it seems different, but it just does. Maybe it is just me getting too into this.

RKTurbo (Dave) April 11, 2007 11:28PM