The Fragile (song)

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"The Fragile"
Album: The Fragile
Length: 4:35
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Versions: The Fragile
The Fragile (Version)
The Fragile (Still)
Live: Fragility v2.0
Performance 2007
NIN|JA 2009

"The Fragile" is the sixth track—and the title track—on the Left disc of the 1999 double album The Fragile.


This song (with the possible exception of "We're In This Together," the track featured directly before it on The Fragile) may be the closest Trent Reznor has ever come to recording what could be considered a "love song," with lyrics referring to a woman whom he is determined not to let "fall apart." He sees in her what he was himself, and wishes to shelter her from the outside world before she goes through what he has. Notably, the solo in the song resembles the first section of "The Frail," a previous track on The Fragile."





The Fragile

This is the original album version as it appears on The Fragile. Its guitar solo uses the same melody as the piano in "The Frail."

The Fragile (Deconstructed)

This is a remix by Keith Hillebrandt which was featured as a website-only download for a limited time on during The Fragile era, along with versions of "No, You Don't" and "La Mer." According to Reznor, its structure was the inspiration for "The Frail."

The Fragile (Still)

This stripped-down version is on Still, which was originally packaged with the Deluxe Edition CD of And All That Could Have Been and is curently available through It is performed mostly solo on a keyboard.

Song Credits


When played during the Fragility tours and the 1999 MTV Video Music Awards, the song would remain very similar to the album version except somewhat louder. During the Performance 2007 tour, a modified Still version of the song was played.


    She shines
    In a world full of ugliness
    She matters
    When everything is meaningless
    She doesn't see her beauty
    She tries to get away
    It's just that nothing seems worth saving
    I can't watch her slip away
    I won't let you fall apart
    She reads the minds of all the people as they pass her by
    Hoping someone can see
    If I could fix myself I'd—
    But it's too late for me
    I won't let you fall apart
    We'll find the perfect place to go where we can run and hide
    We'll build a wall and we can keep them on the other side
    …But they keep waiting
    …And picking…
    It's something I have to do
    I was there, too
    Before everything else
    I was like you
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