The Fragile Remixes

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This bootleg consists of some very rare tracks, and is available to download from The Webpit. However, several tracks have ameteur layering and sampling (the three colored TDTWWA mixes, at least) mainly from the quiet mix and it is unlikely this is legitimate material.


  1. "The Day The World Went Away" (Blue) 6:00
  2. "The Fragile" (Keith Hilledbrant Mix)
  3. "The Day The World Went Away" (Synthetic Minister)
  4. "Into The Void" (Filled Atmosphere)
  5. "The Day The World Went Away" (Red) 8:04
  6. "The Fragile" (Wounded)
  7. "Starfuckers, Inc." (Getting Past the Taste)
  8. "The Big Come Down" (Long)
  9. "The Day The World Went Away" (Green) 4:12