The Lovers

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"The Lovers"
Album: Add Violence
Length: 4:09
Tempo: 115 BPM
Versions: The Lovers
Live: I Can't Seem To Wake Up 2017

"The Lovers" is the second track on the 2017 EP Add Violence. Its lyrics seem to tie in closely with "Dear World,". The song features an instrument called the Luminist Garden, which was also used on the Gone Girl Soundtrack.


  • Add Violence


The Lovers

This is the only known version.


"The Lovers" made its live debut at the first show of the I Can't Seem To Wake Up 2017 tour.


  [Part one]

  (I can hear you breathing)
  I’ve slipped out of time again
  Leaving all of you behind
  And I’m free
  To return to the place where I already am
  And have always been 
  If I just really looked and allowed myself 
  To see
  The confusion is seducing me warm, flowing
  Wide his eyes
  Hypnotize they see inside of me
  Hot swollen skin want me take me perfect embrace 
  Black and bloody
  Rotten and perfect
  The center has moved on and all that’s left is free 
  Everyone seems to be asleep but me 

  Take me
  Into the arms of the lovers
  Take me into the arms of the lovers
  [Part two]
  Oh I see you floating there
  How could I ever hope to forget
  Always rearranging
  These words are a lie a mirror reflecting in a mirror of a lie
  A light shines still always 
  Shadows in every word 
  Beneath black eaves
  Please don’t leave me here
  I could stop it 
  Maybe I could stop it (if I wanted to)
  But I’m not the one driving anymore
  I know who I am
  But I know who I am
  (Please don't leave me here with you)

  Take me 
  Into the arms of the lovers
  Free into the arms of the lovers
  Into the arms of the lovers
  Into the arms of the lovers
  I am free
  Into the arms of the lovers

Further lyrics are printed on the physical component. The word "godlike" seems to reference "The Life You Didn't Lead":

  The Lovers arrive [Beginning of First Chorus]
  The Lovers return [Beginning of Second Chorus]
  I am godlike
  I am
  I am singularity

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