Things Falling Apart

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Halo 16 - Things Falling Apart
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Things Falling Apart (also known as Halo 16), released on November 21, 2000, is described as a collection of "various manipulations of songs recorded from The Fragile sessions." An official website was set up for its release. A two-track promotional version of Into The Void was released in the US and was incorrectly labeled as Halo 16.

Track Listing

About the release

CD Release

  1. "Slipping Away" - 6:11
  2. "The Great Collapse" - 4:42
  3. "The Wretched" (Version) - 5:52
  4. "Starfuckers, Inc." (Version) - 5:11
  5. "The Frail" (Version) - 2:47
  6. "Starfuckers, Inc." (Version) - 6:06
  7. "Where Is Everybody?" (Version) - 5:07
  8. "Metal" - 7:05
  9. "10 Miles High" (Version) - 5:11
  10. "Starfuckers, Inc." (Version) - 5:09

Vinyl Release

     A1  "Slipping Away" – 6:11
     A2  "The Great Collapse" – 4:42
     B1  "The Wretched (version)" – 5:52
     B2  "Starfuckers, Inc. (version)" – 5:11
     C1  "The Frail (version)" – 2:47
     C2  "Starfuckers, Inc. (version)" – 6:06
     C3  "10 Miles High (version)" – 5:11
     D1  "Metal" – 7:05
     D2  "Where Is Everybody? (version)" – 5:07
     D3  "Starfuckers, Inc. (version)" – 5:09


In a February 2020 Reddit AMA session[1], Rob Sheridan elaborated on the process of creating the artwork and how it informed his creativity going forward:

"The first album art I was ever tasked with making was for NIN's "Things Falling Apart." It was a companion album to "The Fragile," which David Carson did the art for. Carson was a design hero of mine, so of course playing in his style was exhilarating but also very intimidating for a very young, very new designer. A lot of Carson's imagery was accidental snapshots of every day things that he'd capture with disposable cameras and polaroids, and the out-of-focus nature of them turned simple things into abstract art (the red texture on the cover of The Fragile is an out-of-focus snapshot of the inside of a shell, for example). To start capturing some of my own for TFA, I experimented with a macro lens for the first time, and later bought one to make imagery with. It sounds like basic art school shit now because you can get a macro lens for your phone for like $30, but it was very expensive niche equipment back then. Through that lens, and taking what I'd learned from Carson, I started to see art and texture in everything I looked at. Needing new imagery for a project and just looking around wherever I am and finding tiny details in it has never steered me wrong ever since."

Album Credits

CD Release

Manipulated by:

additional production: Adrian Sherwood and Mark Stewart engineered by Alan Branch

  • 5 Benelli

production: Joshua Eustis, Turk Dietrich violin: Steve Hakel cello: Marc Paradis

production: Danny Lohner, Joshua Eustis, Charles Cooper Joshua Eustis and Charles Cooper appear courtesy of Hefty Records (

  • 10 Charlie Clouser

  • Management: John A. Malm, Jr. for Conservative
  • Publicity: Susan Celia Swan for Nothing
  • International: Simon Baeyertz for Nothing
  • Design and photography: Rob Sheridan
  • Special thanks: Jeff Anderson and Steve Bottomley

Promotional Trailer Credits

  • Director: Bill Casanova
  • Assistant DP: Alex Vlacos
  • Producer: Chris Risner
  • Editor: Rob Sheridan
  • Format: 16mm
  • Broadcast version: 30 seconds
  • Full version (web only): 60 seconds

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