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I'm a huge NIN fan, although I've only really gotten into them in the past year.

List Of CD's I Have

Down In It - Pretty Hate Machine - Head Like A Hole - Broken - Fixed - The Downward Spiral - Four bootlegged tapes of concerts from this era.(TDS) - Closer To God - Lost Highway Soundtrack - Perfect Drug Versions - The Day The World Went Away - The Fragile - Things Falling Apart - And All That Could Have Been... - With Teeth - Beside You In Time - Year Zero - Y34RZ3R0R3M1X3D - Ghosts I-IV - And two unofficial compilations.

Other Shit I Have

Not much, but I have two(because they gave it to me both when I pre ordered it and when I claimed it) listening party lithograph and a Mailstrom Pin. I also have the LA Weekly with the Open Source Resistance ad/propoganda thing.

Information about me, useless shit really.

I'm in two bands and a remix project -The Noodle Minions(I do everything in this band) [1] -The Internet(I play drums and synth) [2] -Q-Tipp Remix (Remix songs, mostly Noodle Minions songs, but when the YZ songs are released(Multitrack) I'm gonna remix 'em)[3] and apparently theres some othe Q-Tipp person who remixes shit. So i have a ridiculous amount of traffic. Kicks ass, but i wish it was directed towards the Noodle Minions.


Umm... When Exterminal, Free Rebel Art, and all of the Pilgrim Strand Sites came online, I updated a couple of pages to reflect that. And I mentioned my own band on the Into The Void (song) Page(with real info though). Thats basically it. I added a note on the Songs Never Played Live(the irony on And All that could have been.)