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File:Yearzerdotnin feb14.jpg
Latest view of front page as of Feb 14, 2007.

The official subsection of the website pertaining to Year Zero.

Track Listing

When the website went live, it contained only a portion of the image displayed now, and instead of song titles, there was a vertical list of zeros. The length of this list changed frequently, along with the number of zeros in each entry. This was the first indication that something strange was happening in regards to Year Zero.

Eventually, the listing stopped changing and 16 entries were left. Over the next week or so, three titles were revealed, one at a time: The Beginning of the End, God Given, and Vessel. By this point, fans were already wildly speculating what would happen next.

On February 12, 2007, user ianmatthews posted a track list he found from Soulseek. Soon after, the remaining 13 titles were revealed on It is not known whether or not this was intentional or if it was simply a reaction to the track listing leak.

This part of the page is unlikely to change, since it is now set in stone, However there has been some distortion added to the image, appearing next to the track My Violent Heart right before the song leaked.

Malechite also put together an animation of the image unfolding using the images saved at Symphony of Noise.


A short video has been released on the Year Zero website containing an image of the Presence. High: [1] Low: [2]

The roadsign the camera quickly glances over says "I am trying to believe".

Hidden Images

The page uses an imagemap to conceal a great deal of hidden links which, when clicked on, display images presumably from the recording sessions for Year Zero.

There are links to 11 images: 03.jpeg, 07.jpeg, 10.jpeg, 12.jpeg, 14.jpeg, 19.jpeg, 22.jpeg, 25.jpeg, 28.jpeg, 31.jpeg, 39.jpeg.


As events happen relating to the world of Year Zero, certain sections of the background are revealed. Speculation is far-spread about the actual content of the image, but nothing is yet certain.

The only real indication that the background is linked to developments in the World of Year Zero is that a section next to "My Violent Heart" was revealed shortly before the MP3 was leaked.