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The NinWiki Newsletter archive page.

NinWiki Newsletter Issue #1.

Things to Do
What can you do to help out in the NIN Wiki?
NinWiki IRC
The NinWiki IRC channel is located on Freenode. You can access it with many IRC clients by clicking this link, or if you don't have an IRC client, go here and enter your NinWiki name in the nickname space, and ninwiki in the channel space.
The Song template
Pomte has created a fantastic new Song template. Go to the its page to see how to use it. It will be great for standardizing everything!
Focus on what we have now

Let's focus on what we have now for articles. With about 1,730 articles, let's give ourselves some time to expand the articles we have currently, especially the Nine Inch Nails article.


Wikipedia can be a great resource to study when writing NinWiki articles, but it's important to remember to never copy word for word what Wikipedia says. It's not illegal, it's just bad practice. Let's build a great wiki from the ground up :-).

The Staff
Buzzbot handled the distribution of this newsletter.
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