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As a wiki, we're pretty laid-back. There are some things, though, that we need to stick with:

No Stalker-ish Information

We don't care if you found Trent's shopping cart list, his address, phone number, Amazon list, underwear preference, etc, and frankly, posting it is fucking creepy. Keep any biographical information relevent to the music and Nine Inch Nails in general.

No Personal Attacks

Take any personal attacks to emails or a private chat. Keep your bickering off the Wiki.

Keep Rumors to a Minimum

This wiki should be mostly for facts. However, if you feel that you must post a rumor...

Label Rumors As Such

Make sure you notify readers that any rumors you're citing are just that. Otherwise it goes on the article's Discussion page.

Media Links

Links to copyrighted material are prohibited. However, there are a few exceptions: YouTube links to music videos or clips from home-video releases uploaded by Universal/Interscope/TVT, and live footage uploaded by the person who filmed it. YouTube links to videos officially posted by NIN's account are always welcome, as long as they are relevent to the article at which they are being linked. Another exception is the "Survivalism" video as it was leaked to the public via a flash drive before being posted officially online.

As for links to Torrents, direct links are not allowed as there are copyright concerns. However, mentioning torrent sites where materials such as the Closure DVD and the Broken Movie can be found is acceptable.


This is a big no-no. Please do not copy anything from external sources verbatim without crediting those sources. This includes WikiPedia, despite its sometimes questionable accuracy. Provide links to your sources in an "External Links" subhead and cite the source within the article.

Spam/Page Vandalism

Spamming is frowned upon and strictly prohibited. It can include editing spam messages into articles, creating pages for nothing but spam messages, or deleting page content and replacing it with spam messages. Page vandalism is defined as maliciously deleting article content, editing articles by adding content that is completely irrelevent, or otherwise damaging article content. Slander is considered a form of vandalism and will be regarded as such. Spamming and/or page vandalism will result in your account (and IP address) being blocked, often without warning. And leo3375 especially hates spammers and vandals. She has a history of going medieval on such people and will make them wish they'd never been born!

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