Dinner With Sean

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"Dinner With Sean"
Album: The Social Network Soundtrack
Length: 00:59
Tempo: 102 BPM
Versions: Dinner With Sean
Live: N/A

"Dinner With Sean" is a snippet of music released on The Social Network Soundtrack awards sampler website. It is not included on the soundtrack album.

Song Credits

Written by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross.



  • The Social Network Soundtrack awards sampler website


Dinner With Sean

Released as a snippet via the Sony Pictures promotional website for the soundtrack, this track consists of a simple drum loop in 4/4 accompanying a deep bass synth. A percussive melody on another synthesized instrument plucks in the background, while a prominent flute solos atop. After 10 bars, the music suddenly stops halfway through bar 11. After about 15 seconds of silence, a section of the track is repeated, starting in the middle of a different bar and cutting off suddenly again in the middle of another bar.

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