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Jump to: navigation, search is the official website for How To Destroy Angels. It was launched in 2010. It is currently in a Welcome Oblivion-themed design. The site can also be accessed via the shortened address of

How To Destroy Angels EP Era

When the site went live in the spring of 2010, it had a series of banners that gradually revealed a photo of Mariqueen Maandig in profile, standing next to the ocean. The bottom of the page simply said "Summer 2010", referring to the arrival of the band's debut EP. Once the EP was released in May, the banner was gone and had been replaced by the EP's cover art. This site design would continue well into 2012.

An Omen EP Era

In September 2012, with the announcement of An Omen EP, the design changed to a more glitch art-oriented look. This design was altered slightly once An Omen had been released in November. The site also took on a blog format, with content such as music videos, photos from recording sessions and photos from video shoots being frequently posted.

Welcome Oblivion Era

In January 2013, with the announcement of Welcome Oblivion, the site changed to a new glitch art design that used a header based on the single artwork for "How Long?". After the album was released in March, a different Welcome Oblivion-related image was used for the header. The blog format that was introduced in 2012 was continued into 2013.

Screen Shots

2010 Banner Designs

At the site's conception, the banner design gradually changed to reveal more of Mariqueen's face (and slightly change in image quality), culminating in a fully revealed face as A Drowning was released:

Official Accounts

HTDA has official accounts at the following locations:

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