The New Flesh

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"The New Flesh"
Album: The Fragile (Vinyl)
Length: 3:40
Tempo: 107 BPM
Versions: The New Flesh
The New Flesh (Instrumental)
The New Flesh ( version)
Complications Of The Flesh
The New Flesh (And All That Could Have Been)
Live: Unperformed in full

"The New Flesh" is a song exclusive to the vinyl version of The Fragile, disc 1 of the European and Japanese We're In This Together single, and the Australian Into The Void single. On the vinyl edition of The Fragile, "The New Flesh" comes immediately after "Complication," ending that side.



  • Into The Void
  • The Fragile (Vinyl)
  • The Fragile: Deviations 1
  • We're In This Together (Part 1)
  • We're In This Together (Part 3)


The New Flesh

This is the original version. Fading in with a synthesizer whine and various manipulations and reversed effects, Reznor's spoken vocals are accompanied by clocks ticking, a synthesized bass loop and chromatic piano improvisation, the latter a feature shared with "The Way Out Is Through." The layers ebb and flow through the first half of the track, eventually crossfading with a distorted full band coda, similar in composition to the muffled ending of "The Downward Spiral." As the guitar, bassline and drums fade in, Reznor yells over top, eventually joined by loud crowd loops. The entirety of this 3/4 coda fades out and filters down the low and mid frequencies, the high pitches stopping suddenly.

The New Flesh (Instrumental)

Released on The Fragile: Deviations 1. Also known as "The New Flesh" (Alt) when it was originally released on Apple Music as part of The Fragile Instrumental. Both versions are musically identical.

The New Flesh ( version)

Running Time: 1:19

Used as accompanying music for the official website for Things Falling Apart, this short remix was released officially through as a high quality MP3 in 2007. Also released in this fashion was another, untitled piece of music. Those two tracks, prior to, were ripped from and called "The New Flesh" (Version A) and "The New Flesh" (Version B). Compared to their officially-released 2007 counterparts, Version A and Version B are basically the same, with minor mastering and fade out variations.

Complications Of The Flesh

Running Time: 6:38

This remix, created by Danny Lohner, combines "The New Flesh" with "Complication" and appears exclusively on Part 3 of the We're In This Together single.

The New Flesh (And All That Could Have Been)

The song's most recognizable elements (the bassline, clock sounds, and synth whine) are used to form much of the menu music for the DVD version of And All That Could Have Been, in addition to those elements being combined with the guitar riff of "Pinion" to form the DVD introduction. It is not included on the audio CD release.


Although the song has never been performed live in its entirety, instrumental portions were combined with "Pinion" to form the introduction for the Fragility tour. Trent Reznor sang the lyrics "Give it to me, I can take it!" at least once over top of the introduction. This was done again on the NIN 2014 Europe/UK Tour, but it was combined with "The Downward Spiral" instead of "Pinion".


    I can take it
    Some things
    Feel like
    I'm on the other side
    Of every feeling ever felt
    Hold it close
    (So) I can taste it
    I've watched this scene a thousand times
    And in my head
    This is how it all begins
    Yes, I am becoming
    And this is how it all begins
    What did you expect?
    This is not an exit
    This has begun
    I can almost see
    The blackest eyes
    The new flesh
    A new disguise
    Give it to me
    I can take it
    Give it to me
    I can take it

Reznor also repeats an unprinted phrase through the coda of the song, which sounds like:

    I've become [alive]

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