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Jump to: navigation, search was a flash website set up by Nine Inch Nails to promote the release of Things Falling Apart. It was up from December 2000 to mid 2004; although the site has been taken down, it was saved and can be viewed here.


  • The Things Falling Apart promotional trailer (broadcast version - 30 sec)
  • The Things Falling Apart promotional trailer (complete version - web only - 60 sec)
  • Song samples of the tracks
  • Front and back cover artwork
  • Vinyl release artwork
  • CD release artwork
  • Promotional artwork (poster, postcard, and flat)

In addition, two pieces of music played in the background when the site was loaded: an unused remix of "The New Flesh" and an untitled instrumental outtake. These tracks were available for download at

The 'Info' section of the site contained the following text:

"THINGS FALLING APART contains various manipulations of songs from THE FRAGILE recording sessions. The 10-track disc features new interpretations of FRAGILE songs by a variety of musicians, including members of Nine Inch Nails and the Nothing collective. THINGS FALLING APART also features two previously unreleased tracks: a cover of Gary Numan's "Metal" (from Numan's 1979 album THE PLEASURE PRINCIPLE) and "The Great Collapse", a new song recorded during THE FRAGILE sessions and completed by Trent Reznor and Alan Moulder prior to NIN's 2000 U.S. tour. Produced by Reznor, THINGS FALLING APART follows a long line of remix albums from NIN, including FURTHER DOWN THE SPIRAL and FIXED."

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