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This is an ongoing list of songs that Nine Inch Nails have never played live, ordered by album and their album order. Remixes or songs appearing on The Social Network Soundtrack or The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo Soundtrack are not included in this list.

Notable unplayed songs

Despite being released as standalone singles or having been nominated for an award, the following songs have never been played live:

In addition, the song "Lights In The Sky" was never played on its eponymous tour, nor was "And All That Could Have Been" played on Fragility 2.0 despite the accompanying live album and film being named for the song.

Pretty Hate Machine Era


All songs from this album have been played at some point.

The Downward Spiral Era

The Fragile Era

With Teeth Era

With Teeth Rehearsal Audio

Unofficially released tour rehearsal audio for the Live: With Teeth tour was made available by Echoing The Sound user mofoboy25, which included live audio of the song "Sunspots". This means that, whilst as-live audio of this song exists, it was not played to an audience and thus doesn't strictly count as "live".

Year Zero Era

Ghosts I–IV Era

The Slip Era

Hesitation Marks Era

  • "Everything"