15 Ghosts II

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"15 Ghosts II"
Album: Ghosts I–IV
Length: 1:53
Tempo: 101 BPM
Versions: 15 Ghosts II
Live: Unperformed

"15 Ghosts II" is the fifteenth track on 2008's Ghosts I–IV.

Song Credits



  • Ghosts I–IV


15 Ghosts II

This is the only known version.The track contains a sample of hitting and opening a drawer (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YEqZkglTVYE - 0:12 to 0:18). Starting with a quirky, beeping beat, the sound sample enters acting as a percussive element. A sample of what sounds like a large crowd repeatedly enters and abruptly cuts off. The track fades out the beat and cabinet sound sample.


"15 Ghosts II" has never been played live.

Differences in Artwork

It should be noted that much of the artwork embedded in the files of the official download of Ghosts I–IV from nin.com are not just cropped versions of the photographs in the PDF. In this case, the two photographs are completely different.

Extracted from album art.
Taken from the PDF.

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