24 Ghosts III

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"24 Ghosts III"
Album: Ghosts I–IV
Length: 2:39
Tempo: 122 BPM
Versions: 24 Ghosts III
Live: Lights In The Sky Tour

"24 Ghosts III" is the twenty-fourth track on 2008's Ghosts I–IV. It contains a sample from the movie "The Mothman Prophecies" ("get the door, get the door").

Song Credits



  • Ghosts I–IV


24 Ghosts III

This is the only known version. It begins with the drone that fades out from the ending of "23 Ghosts III." Aggressive drums and synth bass start the song, with additional sound effects for background. Among these sound effects is the line "Get the door, get the door!" from the film The Mothman Prophecies. The drum beat is filtered while sound effects and synth bass continue playing over during a brief middle section. The drums return to original volume with the synths as distorted guitar sounds enter. A synth pad begins to fade in underneath as drums and sound effects fade out. The synth pad begins "25 Ghosts III."


"24 Ghosts III" debuted live at a dress rehearsal performance in Los Angeles, California, on July 19, 2008.

Differences in Artwork

It should be noted that much of the artwork embedded in the files of the official download of Ghosts I–IV from nin.com are not just cropped versions of the photographs in the PDF. In this case, the two photographs are completely different.

Extracted from album art.
Taken from the PDF.

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