38 Ghosts

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"38 Ghosts"
Album: Ghosts I–IV (Multitrack DVD)
Length: 4:47
Tempo: 132 BPM
Versions: 38 Ghosts
Live: Unperformed

"38 Ghosts" is a hidden track of 2008's Ghosts I–IV, found exclusively in the Multitrack DVD in the Deluxe Edition alongside "37 Ghosts". The track has not been released in a song format, instead being only officially available in multitrack form for listeners to put together themselves. It bears a strong resemblance to the song "Demon Seed" off of the album The Slip. It is possible that this could be a demo for "Demon Seed" or the drums from "Demon Seed" could have been borrowed or inspired from this song. It should also be noted that no official artwork is available for the bonus tracks.



  • Ghosts I–IV (Multitrack DVD)


38 Ghosts

This is the only known version. It begins with the drum pattern later heard on "Demon Seed", and a synth bass loop. Noise and piano join, followed by swell guitars. The song features a long, noisy, distorted synth solo. All layers cut in the middle of the song, leaving a quiet oddly effected synth, which begins the second section of the song. Drums re-enter, and wordless vocals and synth play with reverb. The song ends with the quiet effected synth.


"38 Ghosts" has never been played live.

External Links

  • Archive.org Download of "37 Ghosts" + "38 Ghosts" (CC BY-NC-SA 3.0)
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