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Organizing Year Zero

Due to the massive nature of the World of Year Zero, organization of information is paramount to gaining a complete understanding of what is known up to date. As such, I am putting together this guide to organize all Year Zero content on the website, including a hierarchy of the main research pages and standards for various types of recurring details in Year Zero (such as websites). In this manner all sites will be consistent in their style, easily accessible, and there will be no redundant pages.

General Standards

Splitting Articles As a rule of thumb, when a subsection of any site gains more than 4-5 of it's own subsections it should be split into it's own article and replaced on it's parent page with a short description and a link.

Year Zero Name Any major top-end page name (ie Research, Story, People, etc) should be distinguished from the rest of the Wiki content by adding "Year Zero" to the name.

Information Ordering Any subject in which the information is not proven to be dependent on numerology or chronology should use alphabetical order.

Year Zero Research This will be the consolidated center of all information regarding Year Zero. The very top of the hierarchy.

Year Zero Research

  • Discovery (Include details about how Year Zero was first discovered)
  • Year Zero Timeline (Include basic details about change in date system)
  • Year Zero World Facts (Include short description of overall state of the world and link to article)
  • Year Zero Individuals (Include short description of types of people found, and link to article.)
  • Year Zero Organizations (Include description of types of organizations found. Include major organizations only)
  • Year Zero Phenomena (Include details about change belief systems in Year Zero)
    • The Presence (Short description and link to article)
    • Other Phenomena (If we find any)
  • Year Zero Drugs (Include description of drug prevalence in Year Zero)
    • Parepin (Short description and link to article)
    • Opal (Short description and link to article)
    • Copper (Short description and link to article)
    • Other Drugs (For drugs with not enough information or relevance to warrant their own page)
  • Year Zero Websites (Include introduction to websites discovered)
    • Table of websites
  • Year Zero Multimedia (Include introduction to multimedia files obtained)
    • List of videos with descriptions and article links
    • List of audio files with descriptions and article links
    • Any other multimedia category
  • Year Zero in Real Life (Include introduction to IRL occurrences)
    • List of phone numbers with descriptions and article links
    • List of murals with descriptions and article links
    • List of OSR Meetings with descriptions and article links
    • Any other IRL occurrence category
  • Year Zero Numbers (Short description and link to article)
  • Year Zero Banned Media (Short description and link to article)

Year Zero Timeline

Forthcoming... Subtopic page.

Year Zero World Facts

Forthcoming... Subtopic page.

Year Zero Individuals

Forthcoming... Subtopic page.

Year Zero Organizations

Forthcoming... Subtopic page.

Year Zero Numbers

This page contains a catalog of every number found to date. There are three sections to the entries on this site, the number section, the number, and theories. The numbers are sorted numerically! please insert new numbers into their exact position numerically.

Number Section - 24.xx


Number - 24.xx.yy

<span id="24.xx.yy">'''24.xx.yy'''</span>

Description of how and where it was found.

Year Zero Banned Media

This page contains every excerpt found to date sorted by title and including the author and webpage(s) it is located on. The list is sorted alphabetically! As such, please insert new entries in alphabetical order. The format for new entires is:

====Banned Media Title====
by Author


*[[Location Found Wiki Page]] [Location_Found_URL]
*[[Location 2 Found Wiki Page]] - Subpage [Location_2_Found_URL]


Standard: Identity

Forthcoming... For individuals and organizations.

Standard: Fact Page

Forthcoming... For world facts, phenomena, and drug pages.

Standard: Website

Number: [[Year_Zero_Numbers#24.xx.yy|24.xx.yy]]

Background Text: [[Year_Zero_Banned_Media#Media_Title|Media Title by Author]]

Discription of discovery.

Discription of content.

Description of content item.


Number: [[Year_Zero_Numbers#24.xx.yy|24.xx.yy]]

Background Text: [[Year_Zero_Banned_Media#Media_Title|Media Title by Author]]

Discription of discovery.

Discription of content.

:''See [[Subpage]]''
Short Subpage Description

[[Category:World of Year Zero]]

Standard: Subpage

Parent Page: [[Parent Page]]

Number: [[Year_Zero_Numbers#24.xx.yy|24.xx.yy]]

Background Text: [[Year_Zero_Banned_Media#Media_Title|Media Title by Author]]

Discription of discovery.

Discription of content.

Description of content item.

[[Category:World of Year Zero]]

Standard: Multimedia

Forthcoming... For multimedia discoveries

Standard: Real life

Forthcoming... For real life discoveries

Unorganized Pages

List all pages in need of revamps here.


Remember that too many subpages would be exactly the opposite of what we have now - too little info on each page. If you're careful about that, this will turn out great! --Tonyconverse! 22:55, 16 April 2007 (PDT)

Thats why I made the point that if a subpage gets too big it's turned into it's own article. and simply referenced by it's parent. The Research page will probably be the only one with a lot of subpages because it's the top of the hierarchy and has all the sections that cannot be consolidated into another parent section. I'm moving pages and information around as I work on this as well to conform with the new standards. Hopefully people will follow the pattern. :D BurnHavoc 23:03, 16 April 2007 (PDT)
Good job with this. A big problem I've been noticing is that a lot of the NIN pages have been formatted, edited, perfected, yet a lot of the Year Zero Arg wiki pages are left unorganized. A major problem with this is the slew of new arg sites EVERY WEEK (what was it, 7 this week?!). I haven't been able to do much in terms of editing and adding info on both sides of a link, besides adding the lyrics from the songs that are on the new arg sites. I haven't been able to add anything major to the wiki since I'm in the middle of moving, but message my user page or leave it here on how I can help and I'll get crackin. -Velvolver 06:57, 17 April 2007 (PDT)
Let's do the following: each time you found one of those unorganized sections and don't have time to organize it, add it here on this page on a list. If you don't have the time to do it, someone else might. I stroll around once in a while trying to find unorganized pages and organizing them as i can, but i surely miss a lot :) S3phiroth 11:29, 20 April 2007 (PDT)

I noticed there's no "Terrorism" heading for the research page in this plan. Since terrorism is a major -- even fundamental -- aspect of the Year Zero story, it should definitely be on the front page. TextFieldBurner 13:49, 20 April 2007 (PDT)

Theres no way to organize a "Terrorism" topic though. It can be an event on the timeline, or a person, or an organization, or a real world event, or a video... We're trying to reduce the ammount of repeated material to nil. Most likly it'll fall under timeline, world fact, organization or person. Other than that I can't see what unique information would be held in "Terrorism" thats not already covered in one of the other sections. --BurnHavoc 14:17, 20 April 2007 (PDT)
Ahh, I think I see what you're getting at. Very well then, carry on. *G* --TextFieldBurner 14:27, 20 April 2007 (PDT)

I just removed the "connections" sections from the website and subsite standards, every time I went to update a site they were the hardest to write and didn't contribute much that the content section didn't already cover. --BurnHavoc 04:32, 24 April 2007 (PDT)

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