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On late April 9th / early April 10th of 2007, a user at ETS by the name of ZerosAndOnes posted of supposedly finding three videos on which were apparently almost instantaneously removed. They were later delivered to another user via request who put them up on YouTube and Sendspace. They can still be found on YouTube. After a myriad of discussion on the validity of the videos, the general consensus being that they were in fact "real YZ videos", the ETS moderator User:ItsJustDave pronounced that they were fake and locked the topic. It is now generally understood that the videos are not real.

Possible Validity?

The videos themselves contain a number of distortions that are similar and almost exact in places to the other "official" YZ videos that have been seen up as well as showing scenes directly related to the ARG itself that seem to be almost entirely within the canon. The computer generation also seems to be well done, not to the point of a motion picture but enough to be able to see the amount of time that was taken on it. The original poster of the videos also mentioned that the videos were only available on the year zero site for a short time, which may have circumvented polling trackers by being updated and restored in a timeperiod that fell between tracker pollings.

Possible Hoax?

The distortions and pictures in the videos could have all been created/reconstructed rather easily by someone skilled at video/picture manipulation and someone who was keeping tabs on the ARG would have known most of the ins and outs of the canon as the videos only capture things that we were already aware of aside from some strange numbers and dates. The distortions and symbols in the videos are also already pre-existing and could have possibly been lifted from the sites themselves. The trackers also show that no changes were made to [[1]] at the time they allegidly appeared. The original poster has not posted since the video thread and has not responded to any emails, further discrediting the validity of the videos.

A Note From The Admin

The videos are fake. --Tony 14:53, 11 April 2007 (PDT)


The three videos are fairly short clips, showing various scenes out of the Year Zero world. The first is a video of someone searching over a website, filming a video similar to those on YouTube that appears to be a slideshow of various sightings of The Presence. The second is closed circuit camera footage of various locations in Hollywood at the moment of the ricin bombings during the Acadamy awards. The third is camcorder footage of what appears to be an incoming missile heading in low from over the Pacific Ocean towards the coast of California which cuts just as the missile passes over. Each video ends with a distorted crackle and a flash of a red button displaying the word "UPLOAD?".

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