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The nerochip, mentioned on both Operation Chip Sweep and Operation Swamp 0000 is a tiny red device, implanted in the right wrist of all convicts of violent crimes, which traces the whereabouts of the person who carries it. It is mentioned as a government policy in England on both websites, but on Operation Chip Sweep, it is stated that the technology was borrowed from America.

The author of Operation Swamp 0000 is also worried that the British government is going to begin implanting these chips in all of their citizens.

Dr. Gantry apparantly refers to the nerochip as the "Mark of the Beast". In the Book of Revelation of the New Testament, 666 is known as the Number of the Beast, and is commonly believed to be a numerological code for Neron Kaiser, the Hebrew pronunciation of the Roman Emperor Nero. It is stated that the Antichrist will require all people to recieve the Mark of the Beast upon their bodies (usually forehead or right hand) in order to participate in commerce. As a result, parallels have frequently been drawn between the Mark of the Beast and microchip implants, specifically as a counter-measure to identity theft and credit card fraud, in more recent years.

In a Mailstrom message it is revealed that nerochips are required for certain public privileges such as driving, meaning that regular citizens may not be required to have one, however their activities are much more restricted if they do not have one. It is also revealed that people can have nerochips that are not implanted, noting that nerochip earrings have become popular among celebrities and the general public.

Outside the ARG, it has also been confirmed that the FDA has approved a similar microchip implant that goes by the name of Verichip. The chip is currently being used as a means to identify medical patients but is also used to gain entrance into certain nightclubs in parts of Europe, most notably, in the city of Barcelona, Spain. For the moment it does not have GPS capabilities but a new version featuring GPS is said to be in the early experimental phase.

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