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"Potions" is a song by Puscifer that features written credits to Trent Reznor, serving speculation that the track may be an unused Tapeworm song. Only one version of the song exists, that being the Deliverance Mix found on the Puscifer EP C Is for (Please Insert Sophomoric Genitalia Reference HERE).

On Puscifer's website, Maynard James Keenan made a post explaining the song's origin

Ok. Let's use an APC album as an example. eMOTIVe. APC did a song called "Imagine." If you view the credits for the song you'll find various bits of info. Generally speaking the writers name appears in parenthesis next to the track. The performer info may or may not be listed in the album credits. If you see performer info it may be broken down to instruments. For example... "Billy Howerdel - Guitars and Back-up Vocals. Josh Freese - Drums and percussion, etc... Or it may be a given that the people who performed on this project/album/track are the band in question. So it will just say "B Howerdel - guitars, Josh Freese - drums, M J Keenan - vocals, etc... But Writing credits are different. Next to "Imagine" you'll see the name John Lennon. Because he wrote the song. You may want to sit down for the next bit. Ready? John Lennon didn't perform or sing or play on the APC version of "Imagine." He didn't produce it, direct it, co-produce it, or grab us Latte's during the recording of it. Why? Because he's dead. he just wrote it. And we performed a version of it. If you visit the Project Credits of this site now, you'll start to see what we mean. Hope that helps.

On twitter, he went on to practically confirm that this track was an unused Tapeworm track.

[sic]2 conclude if i may. If u HATE Potions, hate US not Trent. We wrote it together, but PUSCIFER produced it. It was my wedding present 2 him.


  • C Is for (Please Insert Sophomoric Genitalia Reference HERE) - Puscifer


Potions (Deliverance Mix)

This is the only available version

Song Credits

Potions "Deliverance mix" (M. Keenan, T. Reznor, M. Mitchell)

Vocals - Maynard Keenan

Drums - Tim Alexander

Bass - Mat Mitchell

Programming - Mat Mitchell

Banjo, mandolin, guitar - Jonny Polonsky


   Someone sang your name today
   And a stranger saw me crumble
   Hold my broken heart and shell away
   Begging "bury me beside you"

   The devil popped around today
   Selling promises and potions
   That could take our memory away
   Help forget I'd ever met you

   Tell me... can you please take away the misery?
   Give me a baker's dozen please,
   Wrap me up to go away

   But I want to
   I need to
   Forget you
   Don't want to, but I need to let you go

   The devil bent my ear today 
   About his magical elixer
   That would make the sorrow go away,
   Help me forget I'd ever met you

   Give me
   A baker's dozen please,
   Wrap me up to go away

   I want to
   I need to
   Forget you
   Don't want to, but I need to let you go
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