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"Track 4"
Album: Quake Soundtrack
Length: 6:02
Tempo: 142 BPM
Versions: Track 4

This is the fourth track on the Quake Soundtrack. Distant and frightening, the piece uses various ambient and noise loops that fade in and out.

Level names: "The Grisly Grotto" (E1M4), "The Ebon Fortress" (E2M4), "The Haunted Halls" (E3M7), "The Palace of Hate" (E4M4), "Place of Two Deaths" (DM1), "Claustrophobopolis" (DM2), "The Cistern" (DM5), "The Dark Zone" (DM6).

Song Credits

Music: Trent Reznor
Sound: Trent Reznor



  • Quake Soundtrack

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