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This website was found by cleaning up a distorted voice at 2:24 on "The Great Destroyer." More information in this ETS thread.


This website talks about the Red Horse virus, an Ebola like virus which is less likely to fail due to climate conditions. There's information on symptoms, development, and also the development of a vaccine. It's also revealed through a video that this was the virus used to kill Jed Mather, the American diplomat, in Algeria.

The description of the symptoms coincide with those from the Star Chamber incident, described on the U.S. Wiretap website and the 12163331810 phone call. The website mentions a number of severe side effects associated with the vaccine for Red Horse. It is possible that these symptoms were present in the federal agent overseeing the cleansing of the Star Chamber.

Also of interest: the memo on the site is sent to Vox telecommunications, Cedocore, and the Plano Church.


There's a video on the website which shows American diplomat Jed Mather suffering the effects of the virus. The virus seems to cause him to bleed excessively, not unlike the Ebola virus mentioned above. As this happens he gets progressively more violent and disturbed, smashing chairs against the window of the room where the camera is. The video then cuts to him lying on the ground, dead and covered in blood, along with a dog that he presumably murdered with his bare hands.

This is a translation of what is said in French by one of the terrorists on the beginning of the video:

This guy, leaves the embassy without escort, it believes like that we will help him, he believes we will keep him, to drive his car with his dog, without bodyguard, and that we will say, look, it is American not like the others, it will be our friend that one...


  • CONUS stands for Continental United States and it's used as a military abbreviation.
  • TRVA stands for Threat - Risk - Vulnerability Assessment
  • When the sound cuts off from the video for several seconds, normalizing the audio reveals Jed Mather yelling "Abort The Test".

Hidden Numbers

24.9.2 on the website.

24.9.1 on the video file name.


You can get it directly from the website, or watch it on

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