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"Hour of Arrival" is a letter from a man named Doug, a high-ranking government worker , to his unborn child (whom he calls Danny Jane, due to the fact that he doesn't know the childs gender. Danny if it's a boy, Jane if it's a girl). He The official talks about his wifeDanny Jane's sisterfamily and himself, Chrissy explaining his job and his own childhood. He also offers some advice how he was trying so hard to make the child world a better place for him/her, and what saying that the world she/he would like to do togetherhas been brought into isn't a good one. Along with these writings are reports  Throughout the site he mentions numerous spottings of the [[The Presence]] being spotted in cities around the world, even Honolulu, Amritsar, Hokkaido, Helsinki, Riyadh, Rouen, Crete, Saigon, Alberta, Jamaica, Sau Paulo, Reykjavik, WashingtonDC, DCand many more places around the world. Doug is obviously an influentiall government figure because on the site he mentions his conversations with the president regarding The Presense. The closer to the end of the letter Doug gets, the more frantic he seems, warning Danny Jane about life and giving him/her some life advise. The letter ends as follows: ITS HERE o my god, dj, it’s over the capitol. o my god, o my god i’m so sorry. this is cut off at the end.beginning the stars are blowing out like candles, danny jane make a wish make a wish make a wish make a wish make a
The letter is connected to "[[The Beginning Of The End]]," quoting "This is the beginning" in the ending of the letter before the cutoff.