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==NIN Credits==
Rave is credited for engineering on several releases:
*Mix Engineering: ''[[And All That Could Have Been (halo)|And All That Could Have Been]]''
*Mix Engineering: ''[[Beside You In Time (halo)|Beside You In Time]] (Stereo Mix)''
*Additional Engineering:'' [[The Fragile (halo)|The Fragile]]''
*Engineering: "''[[The Perfect Drug (song)]]"''
*Engineering: "Various songs from" ''[[Still]]''
===NIN Remixes===
Dave Ogilvie contributed [[Starfuckers, Inc.|Starfuckers, Inc. (version)]] to [[Things Falling Apart]].
===Other NIN Credits===
Rave was also thanked in the liner notes for ''[[With Teeth (halo)|With Teeth]].''