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Nothing Records is most well-known for its first two original signings, [[Nine Inch Nails]] and [[Marilyn Manson (band)|Marilyn Manson]]. Other artists signed to Nothing rarely attained the same level of popularity that NIN and Manson did. However, the label gained a semi-iconic status within the industrial rock scene and set up Radio Nothing over the internet as a way to provide a collection of free MP3 music streams, compiled by Nothing label artists, producers and fans.
In September 2004, coinciding with Reznor leaving New Orleans for the west coast, the Nine Inch Nails website announced "nothing studios: 1994-2004," suggesting that [[Nothing Studios]] was no more, as well as proving to be the end of the associated record label. Reznor went on to sue co-founder Malm for fraud (among other things), thus ensuring that the Nothing era had ended.