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}}'''"The Line Begins To Blur"''' is the eleventh track on the 2005 release ''[[With Teeth (halo)|With Teeth]].''
The last three songs on ''With Teeth'' describe the protagonists protagonist's views of the world and the way things are going in it, i.e., the way he would like things to be going. On this track, He he expresses how what he believed, along with that which he believed in, is changing, shooting off in radical directions. He speaks as if it was destined to be this way, as if he saw it coming all along. This song, along with "[[Beside You In Time (song)|Beside You In Time]]" and "[[Right Where It Belongs]]" can almost be seen as a prequel to ''[[Year Zero]],'' as they speak about corruption in man's heart, and the world changing, revealing something not before seen ("The Line Begins To Blur" definitely seems to lead up to the Resistance Theory, and [[Trent Reznor]]'s struggle coping with a world that has completely devolved around him, as the chorus says, "As far as I have gone/I knew what side I'm on/But now I'm not so sure/The line begins to blur… ") All in all, a grungy set of verses coupled with a beautiful set of choruses and a harmonic ending combine to form a powerful and thought provoking piece of music.
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