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Hey, I came here looking for possible interpretations of this album among many other things, and my thoughts are that people who come here might be looking for the same. While the link to that brilliant dissertation is great and all, what do you think about adding some thoughts about the concepts behind each song, on the song pages themselves or on here? -- [[User:No1joel|Joel]] 01:40, 25 April 2008 (PDT)
==Reptile production==
I have a small but nerdworthy (for me, at least) question that I have not yet found the answer to.
Does anyone know why Flood is credited as a producer on Reptile demo 'Liar' that appears on the Deluxe SACD
edition of TDS, and on the song's album version in the credits of the original release of TDS, but the new editions only mention Mr. Reznor as a producer on the album version? --Kurry, 12 November 2008