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On December 1st Nine Inch Nails announced the first leg of the 2009 tour, beginning in New Zealand and Australia. These dates included the first show in Aukland since 2000, and several dates headlining the Soundwave Festival across Australia.
During the Las Vegas show on December 13th Trent 13, 2008, Reznor announced Alessandro Cortini, like Josh Freese, would be leaving the line-up at the end of the tour, making the show the last for both Josh Freese and AlessandroCortini. It was also announced that after the Australian leg of 2009 dates there would be a selection of US Amphitheater dates and some European shows later in the year in the same format as Australia, following festivals. Reznor also stated that 2009 would see Nine Inch Nails performing as a four-piece act, opting to not replace Alessandro Cortini, suggesting the shows would not be of the same aesthetic visually or musically during the 2009 dates.
*'''[[Alessandro Cortini]]:''' Synths, Keyboards, Guitar, Programming, Backing Vocals (2008 dates only)
*'''[[Robin Finck]]:''' Guitar, Recorder, Backing Vocals
*'''[[Josh Freese]]:''' Drums (2008 dates only)
*'''[[Justin Meldal-Johnsen]]:''' Bass, Guitar, Keyboards, Backing Vocals
*'''Trent Reznor:''' Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards, Marimba, Tambourine
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