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'''Dave "Rave" Ogilvie''' is a Canadian-born musician and producer who has collaborated with [[Trent Reznor]] throughout his career. He has been associated with many bands in the industrial rock genre.
==NIN Credits==
*Engineering: ''[[The Perfect Drug (song)]]''
*Engineering: "Various songs from" ''[[Still]]''
===NIN Remixes===
Ogilvie contributed "[[Starfuckers, Inc.(song)|Starfuckers, Inc. (version)]]" to ''[[Things Falling Apart]]'' and a remix of "[[Reptilian|Reptile]]" for ''[[March Of The Pigs (halo)|March Of The Pigs]].'' 
===Other NIN Credits===
Ogilvie was also thanked in the liner notes for ''[[With Teeth (halo)|With Teeth]].''
==Other Work==
Ogilvie is credited as producer on many releases by the Canadian alternative rock band 54-40.
===David Bowie===
He is credited, alongside the full touring lineup of Nine Inch Nails, for remixes on [[David Bowie]]'s single for "[[I'm Afraid Of Americans]]."
[[Jakalope]] is a musical project formed by Rave; Reznor has a guest producer credit on Jakalope's debut album.
===Marilyn Manson===
Rave is credited for producing and engineering several [[Marilyn Manson (band)|Marilyn Manson]] releases.
===Skinny Puppy===
He has produced many releases from [[Skinny Puppy]], and was once a full member of the band.
Dave Ogilvie remixed the songs "Stinkfist" and "Forty-Six & 2" by [[Tool]]. These tracks have yet to see an official release. [[Category:Related to NIN]]