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{{expand}}{{song| title = Just Do It| album =N/A (would be ''[[The Downward Spiral (halo)|The Downward Spiral]]'')| length = Unknown| versions = N/A| live = N/A}}
''Just Do It'' is an unreleased, and possibly unrecorded, track from 1994's [[The Downward Spiral (halo)|The Downward Spiral]]. It was removed from the album's tracklisting at the advice of producer [[Flood]]. The song is about the actual act of suicide, most likely to come directly before or after "[[The Downward Spiral (song)|The Downward Spiral]]", as that is the only other song that relates to the suicide of the protagonist of the concept album. It is also possible that this was the song that was to be in the place of "The Downward Spiral", but was replaced by it due to the producer thinking that it was too gritty or up front about the act of suicide.
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