Remixed by [[Nine Inch Nails]], this version was used as the single mix of the song, in its music video, and appears on the titular remix EP and the ''Best of Bowie'' compilation. Reznor sings backup in this mix, most notably in the "God is an American" coda.
===I'm Afraid of Americans (V2)===
This remix resembles "[[Closer (song)|Closer (Precursor)]]" in its laid back beat and soundscaping. 
===I'm Afraid of Americans (V3)===
This version splices vocals by Bowie with those of Ice Cube, manipulated into phrases like "I pledge allegiance" and "a murder-merican" in addition to many others. The beat and bassline are very minimal, and eventually give way to a distant piano below Ice Cube's words "TV got your brain."