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* The phrase "The Beginning of the End" appears on the [[Another Version Of The Truth (website)|Another Version Of The Truth website]] when the original image is erased by being clicked and dragged.
* Several fans have commented on similarities between this song and [[Marilyn Manson (band)|Marilyn Manson]]'s "Mister Superstar," which was produced, and featured guitar by [[Trent Reznor]].
* A small group of west Texans found the website The Beginning of the End; Interesting to note that one person was researching the pricing of oil that occurs in Midland, Texas.
===The Beginning Of The End===
This is the original album version.Like "[[Hyperpower!]]" preceding it, the song builds throughout the track, beginning with the drum loop, then guitar and vocals. Bass, tambourine and synthesizer layers are continuously added until an instrumental bridge leads to a loud, noisy synthesizer solo. Most layers then drop away for a few bars of the drum loop, which leads directly into "[[Survivalism]]."
===The Beginning Of The End: Ladytron J-Type Mix===
This remix can be found on ''Y34RZ3R0R3M1X3D.'' More techno-oriented than the album original and containing a dance beat, it also contains some distorted vocals in the verses. This distortion can also be heard in the choruses. By the time the second verse comes in, another synth line joins in, creating a noisier atmosphere. More synths—this synths — this time sounding like a choir—join choir — join in the chorus. These layers of sound carry the song to the end of the piece. At about 3:36 into the song, a variation of ''[[The Downward Spiral (halo)|The Downward Spiral]]'' motif can be heard ending the song: 
[[Image:The_Downward_Spiral_Motif_(Ladytron).JPG|The variation of "The Downward Spiral motif" as heard at the end of Ladytron's Remix of TBOTE]]
====Song Credits====
*Remix by Ladytron J-Type Overdrive